Seductive Surrender


Gwendolyn, with her niece and nephew, has just moved from South Carolina to Scotland after learning her nephew is the heir to a title and large inheritance. Though, because of picking up an unknown injured man from a rival clan and being outsiders, the small family is not greeted warmly when they at their new home. When a dishonest lawyer tries to put himself in charge of everyone, they discover how strong and tough Gwendolyn truly is. But she has something she must discover for herself—that the heart will love without permission, and love will not always lead to pain. 

An endearing story of hurt, love, and familial responsibilities, “Seductive Surrender” gives the reader a spectacular bird’s eye view of the beauty of the Highlands, and of the Scots. The Scottish brogue and colloquialisms as well as the South Carolina speech patterns are captured in such a way as to be able to hear them and not just read about them. The majority of characters are realistic, compelling, and complex, but there is one that really lacks depth. The pacing and timing of the story’s progression is pretty solid, though there are a couple of instances where it slows down. This is the romance novel to end all romance novels, leaving the audience weak in the knees with unmet desire.

Yannie Sorensen