Seductive Secrets (Secrets of The Hearts Series Book 2)


Charming men and having them hang on her every word is Lady Willow Douglas' power. However, when she meets Sir Conrad Lochwood, she's vexed to discover that it doesn't work on him. With every eligible man visiting for the festival, she decides that it is time to find a husband. However, her father has hired Sir Lochwood to ensure that men stay away from her, much to her dissatisfaction. When a theft has her curiosity piqued, Willow finds it near impossible to discover who is responsible with Sir Lochwood's constant meddling. Will she be able to discover who stole the jewel and will she give in to her ever growing feelings for the man who isn't taking his eyes off her?

This is a mystery and love story rolled into one. With two dynamic and determined characters, readers are treated to some very fun dialogue and a lot of sexual tension. Willow isn't the usual meek female character, she's strong and determined which means she butts heads with Sir Lochwood from their very first meeting. The scene descriptions and tensions between the characters are well portrayed and make this book a page turner. In some places, a little more description would have pulled readers further in, but there are only a couple of instances where this occurs. As with the first book in the series, 'Seductive Secrets' is another fantastic addition to this series!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick