The Seduction of Lord Sin: Regency Second Chances Romance (The Bachelorette Series Book 2)


Widow Charlotte Dexter wants what no woman of her society dares desire: a match for love. Unfortunately, she’s got a few strikes against her. Charlotte stands taller than most women, and isn’t exactly a raving beauty. It’s also rumored she’s barren. But she does have money. Taking a daring approach, Charlotte plans a soiree to snag a new husband, inviting only eligible bachelors. Duke Marcus Roberts Sinclair wasn’t on that list—but tags along with a guest in the hopes of finding a bride who can give him an heir. He’s shocked to discover no other ladies were invited… but he finds his attraction to Lady Charlotte strong, even though he believes she cannot produce the heir he so desperately needs.

A most unusual house party, an uninvited guest, and an unexpected romantic attraction: this story’s many unique elements entice the readers’ interest! Charlotte dares to dream of love in a time when marriage for duty is the rule. Her search will be challenging, since she’s such a tall woman who’s no longer a youthful flower. Add to that the frustration of knowing that although her marriage to an elderly man produced no children, it was not a failure of her own. Yet daring she is, to host a house party inviting male guests only. Duke “Sin” wasn’t even invited, yet as his name suggests, he's the most enticing of the bunch. Plenty of barriers forbid the match, especially since Sin desperately needs an heir. Will Charlotte share her secret? Will Sin even give her the chance? A refreshing take on Regency romance and a thoroughly enjoyable read!

FS Brown