The Seduction of Lady Charity: The Baxendale Sisters Book Four


REGENCY:  Lady Charity Baxendale just wants to paint. She is not concerned about marriage because she afraid she will be forced to give up her dream of painting portraits. Robin, Lord Stanberry does not want to be a Duke, but when it is forced upon him he realizes he needs a wife to help him in his new role. His first proposal to Lady Charity is disregarded, but Robin does not give up on his pursuit. Will his willingness pay off or will he be left holding the proverbial bag?


“The Seduction of Lady Charity,” is a tale fraught with insecurities, friendship, hopes, dreams and quiet love. Maggi Andersen has created a wonderfully intriguing cast of characters. They are interesting, they have real depth, and they are likable as well as relatable. Ms. Andersen is creative and has a gift with the written word. She is able to make her words jump from the pages of her books and come to life right before her readers’ eyes. Although a new spin on an old tale, there are enough twists and turns to make it distinctive. As the fourth book in the Baxendale Sisters series, “The Seduction of Lady Charity,” can stand alone but readers might find themselves returning to the first book of the series just to see what they might have missed from Ms. Andersen’s original stories. 

Mary-Nancy Smith