Seduction on the Alpine Express

Kristen S.

Matilda Hudson wants adventure and love, even at the age of twelve. One night, a man comes to have dinner with her family and she knows immediately that he is the one for her. Years later, and after a failed engagement, Matilda faces the fact that there will never be anyone else for her besides Major Anson Montgomery! Anson does not think his job and having a wife could ever coexist, but Matilda is determined to show him otherwise. She disguises herself as a widow and boards the same train as Anson. He now has to face the woman and her determination. He never wants to face his feelings, but when an avalanche causes issues on the train, he knows he is in danger of falling in love.

Who doesn’t love a quirky, self-determined heroine who will stop at nothing to get what she wants?! Matilda definitely steals the show. In fact, everyone seems to be captivated by her - except for Anson. There is so much determination on Matilda’s behalf, but not a lot of seduction. In fact, the chemistry is a little lack-luster, and the whole part about her being a child when they met didn’t exactly seem appropriate. The supporting characters did help the main characters shine a little bit more. One can’t help but be excited for the next book in the series to see what happens to the supporting characters. All in all, the awkward moments leading up to love will enchant anyone. Expect nothing but smiles with this adorable historical romance!

Amanda Hupe