Seducing the Ruthless Rogue (The Rogue Agents Trilogy #2)

Tammy Jo

Cassiopeia Graham is a thorn in the Minister of War director’s side. She’s asks to meet with Director Stuart “Mac” McKenzie every Monday morning and every Monday for a year, he has refused her an audience. One day, she is assaulted coming from his office and told she must retrieve war maps from the director in exchange for her father’s life. They work together to rescue the hapless scientist. Cassie is then launched into society and she and the director find themselves in a compromising position that leads to their unwanted marriage the very next day. Fighting like cats and dogs, it is only when it is almost too late that the couple realizes that they possess true love for one another.


This is a fun tale of life in England during the time of the Napoleonic wars. Cassie is an intriguing young woman: the child of scientists, who have encouraged her to be a free-thinker. Mac is a work in progress who morphs throughout the story, from an embittered man with a hardened heart to someone who can release his heart enough to allow himself to love. The beginning of the novel is slow and the story doesn’t really begin until several chapters in. There are several misuses of words and missing words throughout the work. Overall, though, it is an enjoyable read for fans of regency romance and conspiracy. The reader is kept guessing as to the villain’s identity till the twist at the very end.


Belinda Wilson