Seduced By The Scot (The Perks of Being An Heiress Book 3)


Lady Brynne Weston made a pact with her brother’s friend when she was fourteen years old. If they’re not married in ten years, then they will marry each other. Brynne grew up and forgot about the pact until a familiar face returns to claim his bride. Lord Lachlan Campbell has matured into a very sexy and handsome man. But her family would never approve the match so they elope to Gretna Green. When a secret is revealed, Brynne is devastated and goes back home as though nothing happened. Lachlan is determined to win back the woman he loves, but will the past prove too much to get over?

“Seduced By The Scot” has an interesting plot with two characters who knew one another as children and spent a lot of time together. There is a lot of catchy dialogue between the two main characters, and it is clear that they belong together. Some very hot scenes will leave readers needing a cold shower. This story has many facets that fans of historical romance will enjoy. However, in several places the narrative jumps back and forth, which can get confusing. Readers may need to reread these bits to figure out what is going on. Aside from this, “Seduced By The Scot” is an awesome story that fans of the genre will enjoy enough to have them going back to the other books in the series to take a look. Give this one a go, and enjoy several hours of escape with a sexy Scot and a strong woman.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick