Seduced by the Outlaw


Tamar Freeman is the owner/operator of a small newspaper in Kansas City. She is unwed but is strong-willed, brave and unwavering when it comes to her sisters and her newspaper. Lawman Amos Tanner has been undercover as the leader of a gang of thieves under the guise of Deadwood Dick. When he wanders into the newspaper office to place a Lonely Hearts ad, Amos and Tamar find themselves instantly attracted to each other. Will they be able to overcome the hurdles life puts up between them or will death come knocking before the smoke clears? 


Apollonia Lord has put a unique spin on a well-worn plot, although “Seduced by the Outlaw” is a misleading title. The heroine does more of the seducing than the outlaw, and readers will find that there really isn’t a considerable amount of seducing done throughout the book at all. Some of the actions portrayed in certain scenes appear more modern than the genre suggests. The dialogue is stilted throughout and difficult to follow. The story seems to start and stop at random places and readers may find themselves lost in confusion. Although likable, the characters seem far-fetched and are honestly difficult to relate to.  There are also secondary characters that seem to appear and disappear at random. Apollonia Lord’s historical romance, “Seduced by the Outlaw,” leaves a lot to be desired and readers may find that they are unable to finish the story.

Mary-Nancy Smith