To Seduce a Highland Scoundrel (Heart of a Scot Book Three)


Now twenty-one, Berget was sold into marriage at the age of 17 to a 40-year-old man.  It was not a happy marriage, but it was short one; she was a widow before she was twenty.  After accidentally discovering that her parents have sold her off again to an even older evil and lecherous man, she escapes. She sells most of her possessions and travels far away to assume the post of governess at Killeaggian Tower.  The current laird is Graeme Kennedy, who encounters Berget traveling in disguise and using a false name at an inn near his home.  Because of this falsehood, Graeme does not trust her and they start off on the wrong foot.  

There is a delicious tension simmering just below the surface of this book.  Both protagonists have experienced heartache and troubled marriages, leading both to be somewhat wary.  The internal conflicts for each main character are examined in a way that seems completely natural.  The dialogue is fun to read, and the characters interact believably.  Berget has a wonderful rapport with her charges, and the prior laird’s wife adds additional delight to this book.  The story arc builds slowly, yet consistently, leaving the reader invested in the lives of each of these characters.  The ending is satisfying, and allows for the possibility of additional plots and stories.

Carey Sullivan