Secrets on the Western Trail


All Anna Sanchez wanted to do was to help her stepfather run their cattle ranch. But when he is killed and the ranch attacked by Wade Philips, Anna is kidnapped and thrown into a situation where she has to keep her wits about her and a shotgun close by her side. 


After leaving the military service, all Paul Daniels wanted was to have a place of his own and to find the man who killed his mother. However, when he comes across the Sanchez ranch and realizes that a woman has been kidnapped, he and young lieutenant Dean Potter search for the her and in turn find the man responsible for his mother’s death.


While reading this novel, one is pulled into the grittiness of life in the West and the hardships both men and women had to face – both white and native Americans. The author was successful in showing that white and Native Americans became enemies due to circumstance yet were able to find a way to live in harmony with the land. This was despite those (from both sides) who sought to destroy this fragile relationship.  However, certain parts of the story seemed rushed and not quite believable particularly Anna’s reaction when she discovered her father's identity. Nevertheless, readers of Western novels with tinges of romance will love this one!  


MP Ceja