The Secrets of a Viscount (The Widows of the Aristocracy Book 3)

Linda Rae

Godfrey, Viscount Thorncastle, is at his wit’s end. He has sent a post to the widowed Lady Elise Lancaster asking her to marry him, but he has not heard a word from her in reply. When she visits him he attempts to discuss it, but the torch he has carried for more than two decades causes him to botch things up terribly. Elise is incensed and leaves, slamming the door behind her without giving him an answer to his proposal. Meanwhile, Adam Comber, Viscount Breckenridge has a bet on the books at White's that he will marry before his next birthday. While looking out the window he spies a beautiful girl who sparks his interest. He asks her to marry him and she agrees. The young girl thinks it is a lark, but Adam is serious.

“The Secrets of a Viscount” is a lively story of unlikely lovers falling in love and the journey they travel to get there. The descriptions of the characters are divine; it is easy to imagine the appearance of them all. It is difficult to keep track of the characters and their relationships to one another, however, which takes away from the story. It is hardly believable that a man could ask a girl on the street to marry him and have the relationship come to full fruition, but it makes for a great tale! The secrets revealed make this a twisted story indeed. A true page-turner, “The Secrets of a Viscount” is very difficult to put down.     

Belinda Wilson