The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth


After Elizabeth Bennet rejects him at Hunsford, a brokenhearted Darcy is convinced to travel to Paris during a brief peace between the Napoleonic Wars. The last person he expects to meet there is Elizabeth Bennet. Seizing an opportunity to win his love over, Darcy attempts to woo Elizabeth, only to have war to break out once again. Fleeing France, Darcy and Elizabeth face danger from soldiers and illness, even while romance blossoms.  When they finally reach England, Elizabeth and Darcy face questions about Elizabeth’s reputation and what they’ve done to protect it, as the scandal threatens their families at home.  

A romantic rewrite of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, Victoria Kincaid’s version has retained the romance and essence of Ms. Austen’s original work, adding more action and adventure.  There is a modern depth to this romance while it remains clean and true to the time period. The addition of the Napoleonic wars and their effects fit well with the story and add to the excitement without distracting from the romance or causing unnecessary plot threads. Additionally, the writing is smooth, develops at a steady pace and perfectly incorporates the scandal with Lydia and Mr. Wickham from the original work and Elizabeth’s trip with the Gardiners with surprising results. Broken into two arcs, the escape from France and the secrets with family back in England, “The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth” is a must read for any Austen fan!

Sarah E Bradley