The Secret of Skye Isle (Ladies of Lore Series Book Three)


Lore says that a specific rose that grows on an Isle is an antidote. Ursula Fraser will not deliver her friend's twins without this antidote and this leads her on an unforgettable journey. Laird Alasdair MacLeod has seen his fair share of battles. His father was killed and Alasdair wants the title back. He agrees to help the pretty healer and offers her more than she expected. Ursula is sure that Alasdair's feelings are the result of a potion he has taken. When he saves her from a family of murderers, she wonders if it really is the potion. As they search for the rose, time is against them. Will they be able to save the twins and give into their feelings?

Set in Scotland, this book has hot Highlanders and the lore of the fae, a very interesting mix. This story is a race against time, which adds a sense of urgency and makes it more of a page-turner. There is also the added tension of whether or not the main characters will give into their feelings. Sometimes the plot slows down and this is a little distracting. A very good addition to the series and showcases the talent of this author and more. The concept is fascinating and different with a lot of imagination put into the story. Also, the romance scenes are very erotic and perfect for the genre with regards to language. An excellent read. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick