A Secret Scottish Christmas


REGENCY:  Nash and Robbie Powell are some of the best agents the crown has. Unfortunately, their latest assignment has forced them to utilize a family trip to Scotland for Christmastide, to hunt for a local lord who has spoken out for reform and is on the run. Capturing him is their duty, but the assignment doesn’t feel right to Nash. The introduction of Aileen Steph sends both men scrambling for her affections, but the young lady’s stance on their assignment puts them at odds. Aileen senses danger in the future, but which twin does it follow? And when she uncovers the truth, will the secrets the twins keep result in not only danger but broken hearts alone?

An historical romance set in the time of the Peterloo Massacre and Lord Sidmouth, “A Secret Scottish Christmas” is the fourth book in the “Agents of the Crown” series. Full of historical details and based on real events, the story has a great deal to offer. However, as a middle of the series book, it should be read in order to get the most out of the characters, as little time is given to develop the characters in this tale. The romance while steady was light and shallow, the action quick, the conflict mostly internal, and the overall plot a bit predictable. Still, the story flows well making this a fun Christmas story fans of historical romance and intrigue can enjoy. 

Sarah E Bradley