The Secret Life of a Debutante (Determined Debutantes Book 1)


Timothy Holt has three young sisters to marry off in a single season. Three debutantes. Eloisa is a proper young debutante. However, when a painting of her mother is shown at a party, and her mother is nude, she must stop more paintings from being shown if she and her sisters want to have a proper season. Eloisa will go to any length to stop the paintings from being shown. Lord Cornelius Chichester is Timothy Holt’s best friend. And although Cornelius long ago promised Timothy he would never marry one of his sisters he never said he would not help them. And Eloisa is in need of a lot of help. But can he continue to help her without falling for her?

A unique storyline for a historical romance that promises a new and steamy read. Unfortunately, the sexual encounters are brazen and hard to reconcile with the time period. As Eloisa works to counter her mother’s actions and preserve her family’s remaining honor, she must take unbelievable risks. When Lord Chichester dresses as an elderly aunt to accompany Eloisa on a holiday to find a painting, it is impossible to believe his best friend does not recognize him. Filled with details that are increasingly unbelievable and character development that is completely lacking, a terrific story arc is marred by graphic encounters rather than enhanced. It would have worked much better to allow Eloisa and Cornelius to fall in love rather than fall directly into bed; maybe then the reader would have time to feel the chemistry and enjoy the fun ride this story could have been.

Cara Cieslak