The Secret Heart (The Unmarriageable Series Book 6)


The Hart Inn has a reputation of being lucky for lovers, but many suspect it is the owners’ daughter, Lily, who is responsible. Her parents are pushing her to wed a neighbor, but Lily is not the least interested. Her heart belongs to someone she can never have— nobleman Lord Randolph Torbridge, a frequent visitor to the inn. A man of many secrets, he is involved in some sort of spy activity in defense of his country. Torbridge convinces Lily, who is talented at mimicry, to assume the title of his “cousin” and accompany him to London to assist in his investigation of a traitor. Lily is anxious to agree—she will do anything to be nearer to Torbridge for as many stolen moments as possible.

The reader drops right into a fast-paced plot from the first pages, woven together with snappy dialogue and laced with humor. It is difficult not to fall in love with the mysterious Torbridge. But he and Lily are from different social realms, so their match is impossible. The intrigue of his work, especially once he teams up with “Lady Lily,” is delightful. Although she feels out of place in his high-society world, she does an amazing job of acting the part. Unfortunately, the story does not stand alone well. Rapid-fire pacing throughout the first half assumes we know more about the characters than we might if the series was read in order. Sparkling dialogue, lots of action, secrets revealed, and heart-melting romance, however, carry it through for a thoroughly enjoyable read!

FS Brown