A Secret and A Kiss (Western Dreams Books 1)


Meg Simpson makes her escape from the vile Thomas Peters, a shady and controlling man who took her family in after her father's gambling debts threatened to ruin them. With both parents most likely murdered by Thomas himself, she flees to her cousin's ranch in hopes of finding safety until her next move is decided upon. Ranch hand Carter Ellis has a past of his own but when he lays eyes on Meg he knows he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe. She's determined to not let his attentions sway her off course but when her heart takes over her mind she falls head over heels, and is faced with the fear that she's placed Carter in great danger.


Meg is the heroine of her own story which makes her a strong and admirable character. Learning many survival skills, such as horse riding and how to shoot, along the way add an interesting dimension to life at the ranch, the old west and Meg's character. Carter is irresistible from the moment he meets Meg, living up to the tough but tender cowboy image. Their witty banter has an instant appeal and the overall dialogue is an added bonus to any romance. When it gets steamy...and it gets steamy a plenty... it is the stuff girls dream of! A cast of winning characters with colorful dialogue rolled into a riveting story that begins with excitement, and that just gets more thrilling with each page through to the very end!


Margaret Faria