Second Chance Marquess (Second Chance #1)


Wilhelmina Turner’s heart was broken years ago by George Bartlett, now the Marquess of Chesterton. Unfortunately, when her younger half-sister runs off with George’s brother, she has no choice but to turn to the one man she’d been determined to avoid. George has never forgotten Wilhelmina or gotten over her marriage to a vicar, viewing her marriage as proof women could not be trusted. However, now that the widow Wilhemina stands before him, he can’t resist the chance to show her what she missed. As the two race to catch up with their wayward siblings, a series of mishaps leave the widow and bachelor stranded at an inn. With a second chance to work through the past, love might once again have a chance, but will old hurts and ingrained distrust stand in the way? Not only might George and Wilhelmina's hearts be on the line, but those of their wayward siblings as well.

A passionate Regency tale, “Second Chance Marquess” is a mesh of old and new love. While some of the story is predictable, there are a few twists which keep the story from becoming completely clichéd. The pace is steady and the characters have surprising depth for a short story. However, the romance is mostly old love reheated, which doesn’t allow for much development romantically. Furthermore, the pace and length of the tale keep it from becoming more complex, although the characters are mostly believable. Still, fans of steamy romance will enjoy this tale.

Sarah E Bradley