Second Chance (The Deadman Series #5)


Matthew Wilcox and his son Chance run a detective agency in 1908 Spokane, Washington. With the help of deputies, his crime-reporter girlfriend Annie and her newspaper-owning father, Matthew and Chance are on the trail of ruthless men from Seattle who are killing off landowners around a mine in Idaho. These men will stop at nothing to own it all, even as bodies pile up.

The basic premise of the plot is good; a grasp for perceived ultimate power against the heroes determined to stop them, and it is wrapped up by the end. The problem is that a hodge-podge of unneeded details and extraneous ideas seem to be randomly thrown in, doing nothing but adding length. Characters come into the story, complete with detailed descriptions and background, only to be killed off or never heard from again, and because of all the extras added into the tale, few of the scenes flow smoothly from one to the next. Much of the dialogue and inner thoughts just don’t “sound” right—many words and phrases seem to be out of place. The Freemason hook was unnecessary; the basic plot itself had enough in it to make a complex story without this added element. Matthew and Chance are relatable good guys; unfortunately the writing just does not have what it takes to make them shine. There is a very salvageable story in this, and the characters are compelling, with a good edit, this book has a chance to be amazing.

Julie York