Searching for Lady Luck


The great depression has hit everyone hard, and for some the recovery is very slow. Rose Sheffield doesn’t have time to long for her carefree life before the market crashed. She’s too busy doing menial labor to provide for her mother and care for what used to be their vacation home. Charlie Brannigan is desperately working and trying to sell his paintings on the Boardwalk. When Rose stops to look at one of Charlie’s paintings, both of their luck begins to change.


This is a sweet romantic novella. Both the Sheffields and the Branigans have fallen on hard times after the market crash, and discover their families are connected even as they help each other. This novella is partially inspirational, as not only do Charlie and Rose help each other by opening an art gallery in the Sheffield’s home, but they revive the town around them. The cast of side characters really adds to the plot and the romance between Rose and Charlie begins subtly and grows. The story is very believable and is different from most depression-era stories in that Rose’s family was wealthy and Charlie was an up-and-coming artist before the depression, so their stories come together very well and will leave the reader smiling at the end. The main problem is that it ends too soon!


Sarah E. Bradley