The Search


Rain Deerfield steps off the train in a bustling San Francisco, set on finding her friend Mei Ling. Rain’s tracking skills as a bounty hunter lead her to unfriendly territory where prejudice against half-breeds or any colored skin is common. Her search lands her on Alcatraz Island on a stormy night with a mystery to solve. 

Dr. Wen Da Yang is waiting for a bride. He returns from abroad to be told Mei Ling never arrived. The doctor is an intelligent man with a creative edge.  Although patient, he comes to the conclusion Mei Ling boarded a train to another destination with his ticket money. He opts for domestic help, but he’s surprised by the striking Rain Deerfield who docks on his family’s island, and misinterprets her presence.  

“The Search” , set in 1870 San Francisco, is filled with malevolent spirits and an Alcatraz whodunit.  It is an entertaining read with scoundrels, spirits, and researched history associated with the times. The sleuthing and sensuality grow with tension as the chapter’s progress. Readers will remain engaged by the character development. The dialogue is slightly stiff, but readable. American history is fraught with bigotry and it will raise the hair on the neck, but once the point is made, the author needed to move on, unless the bigotry plays the role of the antagonist. 

The mystery of not only Mei Ling’s disappearance, but many other missing people, unravels with steady speed. The love story between Dr. Yang and Rain is heated and well written. Ultimately, a satisfactory plot where the spirits receive justice and all the ends are tied up.

Natasza Waters