The Seafaring Rogue (Pirates of Britannia #8)


Fraser MacLomain should have been dead on the shores of Scotland, except a kind healer finds him and nurses him back to health. Honor bound to aid the beautiful lass who saved his life and stole his heart, he agrees to help protect Elspeth MacLauchlin, her secrets, and her family from an ancient feud surrounding a hidden treasure. When Elspeth is stolen away by the same pirates who have hunted for the family treasure for years, Fraser becomes a pirate to chase her down and rescue her. But when rumors of Elspeth’s death reach her home, Fraser abandons honor and love for vengeance in Elspeth’s name. Will Fraser avenge his lost love, or will he find love again in this pirate adventure?

A fun and light pirate adventure with plenty of tension and steam, “The Seafaring Rogue” is a nice addition to this series of pirate tales. It is a stand-alone tale, with a quick pace, and minimal world building. The main characters Fraser and Elspeth fall in love instantly and the rest of the tale is a combination of action, brief background info dumps, and smoldering attraction. While this is not an original or unpredictable story, it tends toward convenient resolutions, and does not have the character development of even “Pirates of the Carribean”. The romance between Fraser and Elspeth is true and the action both on land and at sea will easily draw the attention of any fan of pirates, hidden treasure, and romance combined. 

Sarah E Bradley