Sea Wolfe: Pirates of Britannia: Lords of the Sea Book 4) (Pirates of Brittania)

Le Veque

He is the eldest son and estranged heir of the Earl of Wolverhampton, who is now a renowned pirate who hides his title behind his adopted name, Lucifer.

Taken captive when en route to marry Lord Francis de Noble to pay off her father’s gambling debts, Genevieve Efford is now being held as a prisoner, along with her younger sister, by the infamous pirate, Lucifer. On a whim, Lucifer visits Genevieve and the two embark on a witty and sweet journey of romance and love. An evil plot hatched by an uncouth pirate to sell Genevieve unfolds as their love develops, threatening to change the tides of hope for this enamored pirate and his strong-willed lady. 

Ms. Le Veque weaves a unique plot in this seafaring novel of young love. While this is book four in the Pirates of Britannia series, and book two in Poseidon’s Legion, which may easily confuse the reader, Ms. Le Veque makes it easy to understand with a clear and concise author’s note and prologue. “Sea Wolfe” is easy to follow without needing to read the previous installments in the series. The characters were developed very well, and the story moves along at a nice pace—nothing extraordinary, but it’s an enticing account. It may behoove Ms. Le Veque to clear up a few minor editing errors. A sweet HEA may leave the reader hopeful Genevieve’s little sister, Vivienne, will soon have her own story. 

Tiffany Landers