The Sea Rover’s Curse (Pirates of Britannia #39)


Captain Christopher Lambrick, once a part of the British Royal Navy, is now in charge of guarding the island of Lundy. Ships often run aground near the island, but he’s unprepared for what arrives on the most recent shipwreck—a beautiful young woman who almost drowned and now is ravaged with fever. He knows he must care for her but also build up his defenses because she could be an enemy. Merryn de Marais is a Frenchwoman who was inspired by her family's legacy and curse. To break the curse and free her grandfather from Napoleon’s prison she must find William de Marisco’s treasure. Despite the fact that their countries are enemies, the attraction is there. But will Merryn’s determination to find the treasure make her lose her chance at true love?

Hoist the sails for a whirlwind adventure and an unexpected romance! This is definitely more of an adventure romance than a historical romance. While there are a few good historical details, particularly the descriptions of the French Revolution, nothing else seems apt for the time period. Nonetheless, readers will want to join the hunt for the treasure! But do the characters deserve the treasure? Merryn is the only woman aboard a ship with a shady crew. For someone who spent years on the streets, her character is very naive and lacks decision-making skills. Christopher also lacks the skills to be a true leader. Their choices don't reflect their experiences. While there are many flashbacks, they are properly balanced by some suspenseful twists. Readers who want to be whisked away on an adventure will want to pick up this book!

Amanda Hupe