The Sea Lyon: Pirates of Britannia World


Dorian Lyon, a cold ruthless pirate, captain of the Mawdelyn, doesn’t let things get to him.  Emotions don’t touch Dorian. Not even the death of his beloved mother, whom he grieves for at first, can penetrate his hardened heart. When someone asks for passage on his ship, Dorian is not all that keen to give it, especially since the person asking is his ex-lover Ileana Mactavish. Dorian can’t forget Ileana’s betrayal and doesn’t know if he will ever forgive her. Unfortunately, his crew protects her, falling under the spell of her charm. When Dorian agrees to give Ileana safe passage aboard his ship, he is in danger of losing his heart as well.

The story moves amazingly well from land to sea without a problem giving the tale a wonderful visual quality. There are some big gaps of time that the heroine and hero spend apart with no explanation as to what happens while they’re separated. A deep, loving relationship never truly emerges, only strong physical attraction. There is obviously some history between the two, yet the reader is left wondering what exactly that is. Dorian, a deeply tortured hero, remains harsh throughout most of the book. Even though he shows moments of compassion, it is hard to connect with him. However, Ileana, the damsel in distress, is a fighter and survivor and is really easy to like. She never lets her distressing circumstances depress her. This nicely told story is a great rollicking adventure that gives a glimpse into a pirate’s harsh life.

Roslynn Ernst