The Sea Lord: Pirates of Britannia Connected World


Gailyn Brighton is at the docks with her maid because she received a missive from her friend, Harold Cullen, that he is in trouble and needs her to meet him there. Suddenly, they are approached by three nefarious looking men. Frightened, the women take off running. Gailyn is captured and finds herself tied up in a shipping crate, which is then stolen from her kidnappers by Beatie and Delbert. Lord Brighton, Gailyn’s father, commissions Captain Kevin MacAlpin to find her. The captain is a pirate and is reluctant to take the job until Brighton says he will make payment in gold, plus he will see that MacAlpin is pardoned by the King for his misdeeds. The kidnappers have sent no ransom note. Is Captain MacAlpin up to solving this clueless crime?

“The Sea Lord” is full of rollicking good fun in this light and sweet romance on the high seas. Gailyn is a woman of the aristocracy who astonishingly knows her own mind and shares it with everyone. Kevin is the perfect foil for her. It would enhance the story if the mystery of the who and why of the kidnapping was unraveled. Natilda is mentioned as a suspect, but this is never confirmed. Beatie and Delbert are two vital characters but are given only slight mention and have no depth. Two stories are told in this novella, but at only nine chapters, Kevin’s story is never given time to develop fully. There are several unexpected twists in this story of innocence and love. This is truly a tale to cherish.

Belinda Wilson