Scoundrel in Disguise (Journeys of the Heart #2)


Jameson Rex has a scandalous secret — one that has caused him to be disinherited, and as a result he needs a wealthy wife to keep him afloat. He goes to London for the Season, hoping to find a reputable woman with a large inheritance who can overlook his disgrace. Unfortunately, rumors have preceded him and his chances to marry well are limited. He makes a foolish wager to help him woo the newest debutante, Miss Sarah Mendenhall. But when her charm and innocence begin to win his heart, can he confess the secret? Or will he lose her forever? 

 This story is full of twists and turns as Miss Mendenhall tries to find her place after spending much of her life in India. She is a rich character with just enough idiosyncrasies to keep her from being too perfect, and she balances society’s restrictions with her own free spirit with aplomb. Mr. Rex is an admirable hero and readers will sympathize with his predicament as he tries to do what’s right. The two main characters have a natural chemistry that sparkles in their dialogue and scenes. While the plot was somewhat predictable, the author does well in keeping the reader entertained and turning the pages to see how it will all unfold. This is the second book in the series, but those who haven’t read the first one won’t be lost, and those who have will enjoy catching up with previous characters. This story is beautifully written and historical romance fans will be rooting for a happily-ever-after ending!

Kate Campbell