Scoundrel’s Vengeance (Highlander’s Pact Book 1)


Keenan MacLaughlin, Laird of Clan MacLaughlin, captures thieves attempting to steal horses on his land. Keenan knows the thieves belong to the enemy clan, Clan Taylor. Keenan also has a bitter history and past romantic relationship with the clan’s chieftain, Fionna Taylor. Fionna is summoned by Keenan to retrieve the thieves who are being held prisoner. She goes to try to reason with him, but Keenan will only give back the intruders on one condition: if Fionna will help Keenan seduce the daughter from clan Campbell so she will have to marry him. Kennan figures this will save his clan from destitution. As they both travel to Campbell land, Keenan never counts on the strong feelings he still holds for Fionna making it difficult to stick to the task.  Fionna also has devious plans for Keenan, but love could ruin everything.

What an amazing second-chance historical story told brilliantly! The story moves deftly, with unexpected plot twists and is written so beautifully! Ms. Purington writes with such intricacy and care, making everything come alive! There is much tension, angst, betrayal and clever sarcastic sexual banter in the story, so it’s easy to feel every emotion of all the well-defined characters. Keenan is a tough guy to like because his behavior at first is not admirable, but somehow he manages to still be irresistible under all that bravado. Of course, as the book progresses he’s quite swoon-worthy. While Fionna, the strong, spunky and determined heroine, is not only easy to sympathize with but to cheer for too. This is a great start to a new series that is well worth the read!

Roslynn Ernst