Scottish Rose: Second in Command Book 3


To form an alliance between part of Scotland and England, a marriage has been arranged between the Scottish lass Coira and the English Lord Lance Selby, with no meetings to know one another until the night they are to wed. Coira already has serious misgivings about marrying a stranger, and English one at that, but those concerns are compounded when he takes her to what is to be their castle — the same one where she was held prisoner and tortured six years earlier. Slowly, and with much patience on both sides, she learns she is able to trust her new husband and his oath to protect her. When his uncle shows up one night making demands, their lives are both turned topsy-turvy and they must learn what it means to truly love a person. 

"Scottish Rose" is a sweet little dalliance, which shows the true healing effect of time, patience, and overall love. Sadly, the settings are rather bland and the reader cannot easily visualize what is being described. The characters themselves, however, make up for this oversight and prompt the audience to keep turning the page. It is refreshing to read a story where the heroine has some baggage from the past, and needs to process thoughts and feelings in a safe manner to move forward and the hero is with her every step. That detail makes the plight of the people that much more realistic. Enough background is given to make it able to be read as its own story, while also casting curiosity on the others in the series. 

Yannie Sorensen