Scotland’s Melody

Katie Stewart
Melody Foster has lacked for nothing except the ability to choose her own spouse. When her father declares she’ll marry a Scottish lord she’s never met in six months Melody defies him and cuts ties with her family to marry the man she loves. Unfortunately, without her dowry her supposed love, Richard turns on her. Desperate to escape the plans and clutches of her former fiancé, she climbs into an unknown carriage and finds herself face to face with Cameron Findlay and his sister. Sympathetic to Melody’s plight, the siblings agree to take her on as a servant. But adjusting to this change in circumstances is challenging for Melody and her draw to Cam is difficult to ignore even as fate’s wheel continues to turn.
A sweet historical romance, “Scotland’s Melody” spins fate and love together in an adorable way. Although it’s blatant from the beginning who Cam is to Melody and how unsuccessful she is at defying her father’s plans, somehow readers will be unable to put down this book. Melody’s growth is so obvious and the way she tries to balance logic with her feelings and matures is delightful. Further the way she and Cam fall for one another is both natural and enjoyable giving it a bit of depth. Readers who enjoy quick reads, guaranteed happy endings, and forgiveness, without major conflict or drama will find plenty of steady romance in this book!
Sarah E Bradley