A Scot to Love and Protect (Once Upon A Scot Book 3)


Laying siege to Caerlaverock Castle, Valan MacDougall and his men are expecting an easy task when it comes to subduing the widow inside. But Lady Elspet Maxwell has no intention of being taken without a fight. It also comes as a surprise to Valan that she is breathtakingly beautiful, and he’s not allowed to lay a hand on her. However, the more time they spend together, their feelings build and they find themselves unable to resist a touch, a kiss and more. Valan curses himself for telling his men not to touch any of the women when all he wants to do is take Eslpet in his arms. Will they be torn apart through their differences or will they be able to get past it and find their happily ever after?

A classic historical romance with a strong-willed male and a fiery tempered heroine who is determined to resist his advances. Valan and Elspet are a great pairing and things don’t exactly begin easily for them. The dialogue feels accurate for the time period in which the book is set and both characters have a very sharp tongue. The love scenes are searing hot and will have readers using their e-reader as a fan to cool off. It is a great read for the cold winter nights although it might be a good idea to forgo the hot drink because this book has a lot of heat. Maeve Greyson has here a great addition to the Once Upon A Scot series, and it will be good to see what comes next in the series.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick