A Scot to Have and to Hold (Once Upon a Scot Series Book 2)


After cuckolding a neighboring Scot, Ross MacDougall is called before his laird. The wily lord has a surprise for Ross from another whom he has betrayed. Ross sees a wee lass who is skin and bones, with a red mark on her cheek, dressed in rags. Alexander MacDougall, his laird, tells him this is to be his wife! Ross is astounded this creature could be female. He accepts his fate good-naturedly. Ross insists his bride clean up before the nuptials. When he sees her, he is flabbergasted. Before him is a wee beauty! He had vowed never to wed or fall in love, but Elise wins his heart. What Laird Alexander does not know, is she is already married, and twice a runaway. She confides this to Ross in hopes he will let her go her way come spring. But Ross is determined to annul her previous marriage and convince her to stay with him always.

“A Scot to Have and to Hold” features Ross and Elise, two very real people with complicated lives. Elise is Irish and lives with many superstitions; the main one being the stain on her cheek that is supposedly the devil’s mark which never allows her to be happy. It is up to Ross to teach her to believe otherwise. Ms. Greyson has a gift with words, and she describes both her characters and the world with such skill that the reader can imagine all which is taking place. Secondary characters are delightful and three dimensional adding much to an already brilliant story. A praiseworthy tale which transports one to the beautiful shores of Scotland where love can conquer all!

Belinda Wilson