Scorpion (The Saxon Lords of Hage - Wolfepack #3)

Le Veque

Sir Kevin Hage, otherwise known as the Scorpion, has just returned to England from a crusade that has gained him the reputation of an assassin and a nom de guerre as the Scorpion.  He is soon summoned by King Edward, and finds his services pledged as a gift to the king's cousin Victor de Ferrars, Duke of Dorset, upon his marriage to Lady Annavieve Fitz Roderick, a Welsh Princess held as a captive and under the King's control. Reluctant to accept but determined to acquire the prize of this fierce knight, Victor commands that Kevin be the husband to his wife in all but name. Time becomes their enemy when secrets are exposed and Kevin and Annavieve fall in love. 

 The Scorpion lives up to the expectation of a medieval hero/rogue that entices and excites from the beginning until the end. The kind of knight every damsel dreams of; a tough warrior who has his heart won by the fair maiden. Annavieve will capture the hearts of readers as a demure but strong woman, gentle yet tough when necessary. The romance is steamy and hot yet passionate, with an incredible amount of adventure that has the reader on the brink of anticipation, pleasure, sorrow and back again in every chapter! Victor is a vile, despicable villain that brings truths to light that not every reader may be comfortable with.  A warning for readers that homosexuality figures in this novel - however it is not explicit and is a vital character trait that pertains greatly to the overall story. With no shortage of action and romance this is a medieval delight!

 Margaret Faria