The Scent of Love (Book of Love Book 5)


Bella Farthingale's father has been having trouble running the family business, and now finds himself in a situation that he cannot handle. She knows that Finn Brayden can help; however, she is not sure if he will — given what happened at a recent event they were both attending. Bella is convinced that no one could ever have feelings for her so she decides to take the step and ask him. Finn Brayden has always made sure to keep business and pleasure far away from one another. However, when Bella Farthingale asks for his help regarding her father, he suddenly feels unable to deny her anything. His beliefs and resolve will be put to the test as his feelings for the beautiful Bella grow and he finds it harder and harder to say no. What will become of him?

The first thing that will hook readers with this book is Finn. He will have them swooning and falling in love with him before chapter two! There are relatable parts of this book, Bella having asthma being one of them, and her believing she can never be normal because of it. Characterization is fantastic in “The Scent of Love”. The plot is engaging, and coupled with a sweet love story, what's not to enjoy? Factually, everything is in place. Dialogue, descriptions of surroundings and presentation make this book play like a movie in the reader's imagination. Meara Platt has hit the ball out of the park with this addition to the Book of Love series. This is definitely a book to add to the reading list this year!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick