Scattered Seeds


Edward and Henry McConnell are forced to leave their beloved country of Ireland and flee to the New World. The voyage is brutal for all of them. Edward has left his love behind, but a girl from Henry’s village turns into much more than just an acquaintance as they sail for America. Unfortunately, their newfound love is tested when Mary is sold into indenture to a cruel man. Henry spends months fending off Mother Nature to yield a crop so they won’t starve and Indian attacks so they won’t be scalped, but all the while he is biding his time until he can find Mary and fulfill his promise to her. But will he be too late?


This is a lush historical that truly brings the Colonial era to life! Readers will easily come to love Edward, Henry, and Mary as they follow their dreams to a new land, and ache for them when those dreams are dashed or turned in a new direction. The plot is riveting, with the men trying to survive in a wilderness fraught with danger and unseen enemies and Mary trying to survive a horrific master. The detail included in the setting descriptions is outstanding and it is clear the author has done a great deal of research. The story is woven into the history so flawlessly that the reader will feel transported back in time. This book is a captivating experience in adventure, romance, and intrigue and will stay with the reader long after the last page is turned!


Kate Campbell