Scarred Memories (The Possession Chronicles #4)


Lucy Davenport should be happy. She has a beautiful daughter named Phoebe, another baby on the way, and the most devoted husband named Freddy. However, her past haunts her. She will always love Alexander, who died years before. She just cannot seem to move past his death. She has become a recluse, spending her time writing successful romance novels under a pen name. Soon her paths cross with Darla. Darla just lost her family and becomes a nanny and midwife to the Davenport family. She loves this family, but there is something dark slowly tearing them apart. Lucy is a mystery and Darla worries about the baby she is carrying. Darla may be the key to piecing together the Davenport family’s history. 

Buckle up; this book is one emotional rollercoaster! This book can be read as a standalone, but there is a lot of background information that would be useful to know going in, so readers may want to dive into the previous books first. There is an eerie gothic vibe to the story that adds a little suspense. The issue is the storyline and characters, in general. Darla is lovely. Then there is Lucy. Never has there been a character who cries so much! She plays the victim, cries, and is, honestly... just manipulative. She is beyond unlikeable and frustrating, so much so that it is distracting while reading. Then the storyline seems to get muddled towards the end and goes in circles. Some readers may just call that unpredictable. Gothic lovers who enjoy unusual endings may want to pick up this passionate series.

Amanda Hupe