Scandalous Redemption (Ladies and Scoundrels) (Volume 3)


Claudia Akford’s only desire is to live quietly and be accepted back into the fold of the ton.  After her reputation was ruined by her scheming deceased husband, Claudia is not so sure she can weather the storm.  A quiet party is sure to help her socially, but what she didn’t expect was Henry Shillington.  


In the market to settle down with a respectable wife, Lord Henry Shillington bumps into Claudia, and it changes his life.  Given his knowledge of Claudia’s reputation and ignoring his own advice to steer clear, Henry is shocked by his sudden attraction to her.  Can they overcome the obstacles of society and their own past to find true love?


"Scandalous Redemption" is a sweet Victorian romance highlighting the time spent with the ton.  Slated as the third installment in a series, this tale maintains a strong stand-alone status.  While Henry’s long held resolve was born in his childhood, Claudia’s deep-seated scars only recently occurred in her adult life.  Readers will find this tale is strongly crafted to portray both Claudia and Henry’s characters, balanced to appreciate the depth of their resolve to remain true to themselves, thus causing the juxtaposition in their relationship.  Some readers might find the story draws out during the time spent in the constant socials the characters attend, but is truly redemptive with the satisfying happily-ever-after.  Great care has been given to the details of the period and will ensure readers' dedication to the series.


Jordyn Teel