The Scandalous Lyon: The Lyon's Den


Miss Beverly Crabtree is desperate for a match. Her mother contracts with the infamous female owner of the Lyon Gambling Den who operates a rather unorthodox matchmaking service. It is there that Beverly meets Lord Justin Glazebrook, brother to the Duke of Shewsbury. Given his scandalous past, Lord Justin does not consider himself fit for marriage. However, there is something in Beverly’s gaze that captivates him and makes him want to get to know her. With lies, scandal and the possible ruin of Beverly's family, it will take a great deal of resolve for the two to find their way to a future filled with love and happiness.

"The Scandalous Lyon" serves up an intriguing premise of couples discovering love in an infamous gambling den! Part of The Lyon Den: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, this story stands individually. Beverly and Lord Justin are both young, but determined to forge a path forward. While the start of the story is predictable with the barrier of secrets between them, Beverly soon confesses all, taking the story in a new direction. Beverly and Justin are engaging characters, but they do not quite grab the reader's interest like the Duke of Shewsbury, a secondary character whose story readers will likely look for in the future. Although the young couple faces a number of obstacles, nothing seems insurmountable, as the assistance of more powerful relatives is employed. Even so, readers will enjoy whiling the afternoon away with this light, satisfying regency romance with its creative twist on matchmaking!   

Tricia Hill