The Scandalous Lady Sandford


Lady Lillian Sandford clings to the pain of her past that has her shunned by society, and yet her hopes for a happy future remain, and her spirit is clearly not broken. When she and her over protective brother, Vane, are separated during a faulty air balloon ride, it looks to be a kidnapping.  And the kidnapper is none other than the Raven, Fabian Darcy, her former childhood sweetheart now turned pirate and the alleged kidnapper. Lillian discovers a new kind of freedom granted to her in this unconventional arrangement. The danger and her re-kindled attraction to Fabian are very strong and very real, but can she look past her pain to find a future with him? 

In traditional romantic style, the action and possibilities are woven into the first few chapters. Some small details are left unexplained in the beginning, which may have the reader thinking that perhaps having read the first two books would be helpful. Yet, the reader’s anticipation and patience are rewarded when the story begins to unfold, and the battle of wills between Fabian and Lillian becomes deadly—and sexy. Lillian is feisty, courageous, and the kind of character one can easily admire. Fabian is the classic rogue seeking revenge, but discovering his love and lust for Lillian takes over his vendetta. When his desire to protect her grows along with his affections, his tender side begins to show, and the true gentleman shines. The tension that builds is alluring, keeping readers on their toes as adventure and a love story blossoms.

Maggie Faria