The Scandalous Lady Mercy: The Baxendale Sisters #5


REGENCY:  It is Lady Mercy’s first season and she is interested in marrying for love, just like all of her sisters. She is quite a unique individual because she also wants to be independent after she is married. She wants to create beauty aids such as facial creams and write a book about her beauty advice. She meets Lord Northcliffe who seems to disparage the idea of a woman writing and experimenting. On top of that, Northcliffe is a known rake. After he rescues Mercy from a terrifying situation at Vauxhall, Northcliffe is forced to ask for her hand. Will it be possible to overcome their difference and find love? 

There are several plot twists in this charming story, which makes it a real page-turner. The characters are plentiful and fresh and Northcliffe is quite noble. The scenery and muddy roads are described in exquisite detail and one feels as though they are there, riding on those roads on a slightly wild steed. The sisterly love is portrayed so beautifully that it almost oozes out of the book. There are a few editing errors that need to be cleaned up. Ms. Andersen writes an adventurous regency book that one wishes to keep reading, even when the story is done. This novel is part of a series but is a fantastic standalone work.

Belinda Wilson