Reviews - Historical

PARANORMAL/TIME TRAVEL:  Traci Campbell and her younger sister Fiona are exploring the Highlands while on vacation, in an effort to reconnect.

MEDIEVAL:  Sir Lucien de Russe bears the moniker the Iron Knight. He has gained this not for his attitude, but for his seemingly immunity to harm.

The Orphan and the Duke

Basil Staunton, Duke of Darnley, is at a loss.

Naapiikoan Winter

In the heart of a Naapiikoan winter, change has come to the Piikani tribes in the form of the white man and his search for beaver skins.

The Countess Intrigue
Wendy May

Enduring her second Season as her matchmaking mama looks for a suitable husband for her, Lady Elizabeth Castleton hopes to either marry for love or to gain her independence when she reaches twenty-one.  W