Scandal Meets Its Match (The May Flowers Book 7)


Lenore Garrett has left America and headed to England in the hopes of finding an English Lord to make it in high society. With a fake engagement to Frederick Herrington, she is able to hide her true motives for leaving her home. She has managed to keep her secret… until she meets Phineas Mercer. Phineas watches the people in society and writes about them, something he enjoys and has been lucrative for him. When he meets Lenore, something changes. Whereas before he would have written about her, he instead finds himself falling for her. Both of them have secrets they’re hiding. The question is, will it destroy their possible romance?

Merry Farmer has brought two very fun and mysterious characters together and put them in an exciting situation. There are secrets and scandals in this fantastic novel set in English high society. The dialogue is perfect for the period, and the descriptions of the settings will have readers pulled right into the middle of the magic. Well written, delightful and engaging character arcs along with delicious plotlines keep the reader fully engaged. Lenore and Phineas are a great match in that they’re both hiding something and are trying to make their way in society. “Scandal Meets Its Match” is one that should definitely be added to the e-reader. The true definition of a page turner, and one that will not disappoint!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick