Scandal’s Promise


Seven years ago, a scandal caused by trickery and cowardice separated betrothed sweethearts Andrew Quimby and Emily Sinclair. Still carrying a torch for Lady Emily, Andrew returns home from war as the new Lord Cardmore, widowed, wounded, burdened with an addiction to laudanum and a responsibility for a young son he’s never met. Ready to accept a spinster's solitary life, Emily finds she still has feelings for Andrew that grow stronger when she's introduced to his son, George. The two become closer as they work together to rescue George from abduction by a mysterious captor out for revenge. Emily must decide if she can forgive the past betrayal, ignore society’s gossip, and let her heart trust in the man Andrew has become so the promise of a new life can be fulfilled.

“Scandal's Promise” is a good old-fashioned historical romance that will transport and enchant readers. Andrew and Emily are beautifully flawed and interesting in their own ways. The dynamics of their relationship run the gambit of trust issues, insecurities, and an undeniable passion. The plot is full of intrigue, angst, and suspense with the added sensibilities of the Regency time period. A captivating ensemble of family and friends complement the main characters and help to flesh out the story. The mysterious villain provides a sense of dark urgency that will keep readers wondering what is around the corner and if revenge will bring on more sorrow or bring Andrew and Emily closer. Ms. Gibson skillfully uses the fear of scandal and the promise of love to weave a thrilling tale of betrayal, determination, courage and forgiveness, with memorable characters readers will not soon forget.

Tonya Mathenia