Scandal’s Child


Newly widowed Miranda Comstock is in desperate straits. She takes a position as a nurse to a young blind girl named Phoebe in order to avoid becoming destitute.  Phoebe lost her mother in the same fire that took her sight.  Miranda comes to adore Phoebe, who is ward of the Earl of Longley. She soon realizes that the new Earl is her former love Jeremy Montague, who abandoned Miranda for the family plantation in Jamaica years before. He had left her without a goodbye. Miranda wants to leave and avoid Jeremy forever; however, there is no way she could ever leave Phoebe. She remains for her and tries not to remember the passion she and Jeremy once shared. 

Pamela Gibson has written a heartwarming tale about love, loss and compassion, and this enduring tale of lost love will tug at the reader’s heartstrings. The story flows beautifully. Miranda is a darling woman with a huge heart, filled with compassion. Although she has been through terrible experiences, she manages to remain positive, and that positivity is what helps Phoebe. Jeremy is a wonderful character as well. He starts very guarded but gradually becomes more open and warm. The mystery aspect of the plot is tightly woven and will keep readers avidly turning pages to discover the secret.  Ms. Gibson also makes sure to use her story to discuss mental health and people who experience trauma. The themes and plot are brilliantly sewn together to make a marvelous book!

Amanda Hupe