Scandal’s Bride


REGENCYY:  John Montague needs to find a suitable wife with a sizable dowry who will be content to live a country life on his inherited county estate.  Tormented about passing on hereditary madness, he is adamant about finding a lady with no desire to have children. Lady Gwendolyn Pettigrew needs to find an agreeable husband who will help her escape from the dreadful match her father is insistent she accept. The two meet and conspire to help each other by agreeing to a marriage of convenience. John is thrilled his new bride is an independent bluestocking and Gwendolyn is happy she can finally fulfill her desire to become a mother.  A mysterious enemy puts Gwen’s life in danger and John’s secrets causes distrust within their marriage.  Will they be able to overcome these obstacles and have a life together filled with love?

Pamela Gibson’s tale is a charming romantic love story — or is it a slightly gothic mystery? Readers may find the many instances of back-story narratives to cause a little bit of drag in the storyline. Readers may also find no surprises with the familiarity of the marriage of convenience trope.  Readers will definitely enjoy characters that are written as likable, fun people.  John and Gwen are written with a subtle humor that includes the reader in on their instant friendship that gradually builds to a passionate love for each other. Readers will enjoy the vivid descriptions of the English countryside and crumbling ruins that are the perfect backdrop for budding love and dastardly schemes. Ms. Gibson’s novel has great characters, spooky ghost tales, tragic family secrets, and just enough danger to keep readers turning the page!

Tonya Mathenia