Reviews - Historical

To Woo a Highland Warrior

When Baron Liam MacKay hears a scream in the distance, he rushes to the aid of a damsel in distress, Emeline LeClaire. But even when her tormenters are gone, she is not out of danger. When a storm hits the Scottish Highlands, Liam and Emeline must shelter up together for their safety.

Miss Beverly Crabtree is desperate for a match. Her mother contracts with the infamous female owner of the Lyon Gambling Den who operates a rather unorthodox matchmaking service. It is there that Beverly meets Lord Justin Glazebrook, brother to the Duke of Shewsbury. Given his scandalous past, Lord Justin does not consider himself fit for marriage.

Regine, Duchess of Heartwaite, married a man to save her family, but it destroyed her heart and the man she left behind. Now widowed, she is once again caring for her family, helping her younger sister find a match. When she runs into James Brentwood again, she cannot help but approach him once more.

WESTERN:  Luke Higgins has no one and now that his best friend is gone, his only purpose in life is to take a locket and message to his friend’s widow.  After a long journey, he finds Molly Fulton struggling to care for her son and the town’s sole restaurant. Unable to abandon her, Luke hires on as her cook, hoping to lessen her worries and fix up a few things.

FAMILY SAGA:  Billy McTaggart grows up in the small town of Diggle, England. He follows in his father’s footsteps as an apprentice tapper—an esteemed job in the post-WWII railroad yard. His girlfriend, Meg, however, is not satisfied with living the working class life. One day, Billy finds something in an abandoned railcar that will change his life forever.