Reviews - Historical

Wolf's Castle

GOTHIC:  Vivian Stuart barely escaped with her life when a violent storm at sea killed her father and washed her ashore - and into the arms of the most fierce, angry man she has ever seen.  Begrudgingly taking her to his castle on the small island, Laird Galen Maclean insists she will only be staying until the

Fate & Fair Winds

Rebecca lived a happy life in-spite of the turmoil of revolution that surrounded her... until her mother died and her father spent her dowry and had to “sell” her in marriage.  Now she faces a lifetime of misery - until fate presents her with one chance to experience passion. 

Once Upon a Lifetime

TIME TRAVEL:  When Amelia Price made a bargain with a leprechaun in a moment of desperation, she was able to escape the 1800s and arrive in 21st century L.A.

Mr. Darcy’s Pledge

After Elizabeth Bennet rejects Mr. Darcys first proposal he returns home - his pride stung and his spirits low.

Written in the Cards

Maggie Rutherford barely escapes high society New York, during her wedding, to keep control of her life…and her money. Determined to live her life the way she wants, she heads west. Ben Morgan was a homesteader, until Indians killed his wife. Since then, he’s been nothing more than a wandering card sharp.