Reviews - Historical

The Firstborn

Sophia Brixton finds her hands full of responsibility at the tender age of nineteen. After losing both her parents to illness a few years previous, her younger sister Lucy abandons Sophia, leaving her infant son George behind in her older sister’s care.

Aimee Prentice comes to the bustling town of Dry Bayou with a heart full of hope and stomach full of butterflies.  A mail-order bride, she has never met Gaston Mosier, her husband to be. From the moment they meet on the train platform, emotions stir in both Aimee and the wickedly handsome Gaston that they have never known before.

Victor Blackburn has until midnight on his twenty-seventh birthday to break a family curse or suffer his own demise. A witch named Mercy Seymour is the only one who can break the curse, and Victor has been searching for her for over ten years. Mercy has been waiting for this moment for the last ten years — Blackburn murdered her mother and she wants to see him suffer.

West of Forgotten
Lynda J.

WESTERN:  When Harrison first meets Rachel and her son Joshua, she trains her shotgun on him and tells him to leave her ranch.  Things look up when she doesn’t shoot him, but for Rachel, they turn bleak again when she discovers her father has gambled away half of their ranch to Harrison.  With no other choice, they work together to turn around the failing ranch, but it soon becomes clear that b

Healing Seas

Addie Mayfield survived the sinking of the Titanic, yet is haunted by the loss she endured. After losing the wealthy family that employed her as governess, she is to become the caretaker of her eighty year old Great Aunt Tillie Mayfield. Sparks fly instantly between her and Captain Frank Shea, a seaman who works for her Great Aunt while he nurses a bad leg and an absence from his ship.