The Saxon Bride (The Norman Conquest #1)


Rowena Godwinson is the last living member of the powerful Essex family.  Ordered by King William to marry Sir John of Normandy, she has misgivings about her upcoming nuptials, especially after the menacing words delivered to her by Norman guards. Sir John also has doubts, and a secret he must keep - the knowledge that Rowena’s father died by his hand. Leaving immediately after the ceremony for war on order of the King and without consummating his marriage, John returns three years later to find there is a strong, mutual attraction between him and his wife. When lust turns to love, John fears Rowena will learn of his secret. Can their love withstand the truth that has been hidden for the last three years?


This historical romance set in eleventh-century England, is an intriguing read that grabs one’s attention from the beginning and doesn’t let go until the very end. Action filled with danger, betrayal, lust, murder, political machinations, and love, this entertaining story is hard to put down! The characters are likeable and engaging, and the plot moves at a good pace with many twists and turns. However, because this tale contains more political intrigue than love due to the limited interactions and the many separations between the protagonists, it leaves the reader wanting more romance in the story. Nonetheless, neither this issue nor the somewhat rushed and abrupt ending doesn’t diminish the overall appeal of this novel. The pages still turn rapidly as one looks and hopes for the happily ever after.


Janna Shay