Saving Shadow


REGENCY:  The beautiful and lively Lady Elizabeth Beckett has a dark secret: born with perfect memory and trained in weaponry, she is also Shadow, England’s most effective and deadly spy. However, her double life is taking a toll and she is on the verge of a breakdown. When a heinous villain kidnaps ladies of High Society, Eliza must put her personal problems aside in order to stop him — with the aid of an intriguing new partner.

When Lord Sinclair’s brother is murdered, he is expected to give up his life as an agent of the Crown. Partnering with Lady Eliza offers him a chance to avenge his brother’s killing. As the plot deepens and the danger intensifies, the pair finds themselves relearning how to trust – and love. But is Eliza’s dark past too much to overcome?

Ms. Beers takes us into the shadowy spy world of Regency England, heading her novel with two likeable characters grappling with the believable consequences of their lifestyles. Acting as an agent for your country may be noble, but demands a high personal cost. The story is ambitious and clearly sets the stage for a series, but suffers in the execution. There are places where motivations are over-explained, and some of the flirty banter is clumsy, drawing the reader out of world. However, this fun romp with a solid cast of characters will leave the reader daydreaming of handsome spies in gorgeous costumes.

Janice Martin